The highest paid players NBA history season by season since 1984-85


Chart with the highest paid players in NBA history season by season in the salary cap era: from 1984-85 to 2016-17. Clicking in the ‘Top’ section you can check the highest paid players of each NBA season with details about their salary and their respective teams, with the omission of the 1986-87 and 1989-90 seasons due to lack of accurate data.

Highest paid players NBA history season by season

2016-17Kevin DurantGolden State$26,540,100Top-50
2015-16Kobe BryantLA Lakers$25,000,000Top-50
2014-15Kobe BryantLA Lakers$23,500,000Top-50
2013-14Kobe BryantLA Lakers$30,453,805Top-50
2012-13Kobe BryantLA Lakers$30,453,805Top-50
2011-12Kobe BryantLA Lakers$25,244,493Top-50
2010-11Kobe BryantLA Lakers$24,806,250Top-50
2009-10Kobe BryantLA Lakers$23,034,375Top-50
2008-09Kevin GarnettBoston$24,751,934 Top-10
2007-08Kevin GarnettBoston$23,751,934 Top-10
2006-07Kevin GarnettMinnesota$21,000,000 Top-10
2005-06Shaquille O’NealMiami$20,000,000 Top-10
2004-05Shaquille O’NealMiami$29,464,000 Top-15
2003-04Kevin GarnettMinnesota$28,000,000 Top-10
2002-03Kevin GarnettMinnesota$25,200,000 Top-10
2001-02Kevin GarnettMinnesota$22,400,000 Top-10
2000-01Kevin GarnettMinnesota$19,600,000 Top-10
1999-00Shaquille O’NealLA Lakers$17,142,000 Top-10
1998-98Patrick EwingNew York$18,500,000Top-10
1997-98Michael JordanChicago$33,140,000Top-10
1996-97Michael JordanChicago$30,140,000Top-10
1995-96Patrick EwingNew York$18,724,000Top-10
1994-95David RobinsonSan Antonio$7,300,000Top-10
1993-94David RobinsonSan Antonio$5,740,000Top-10
1992-93David RobinsonSan Antonio$5,720,000Top-10
1991-92Larry BirdBoston$7,070,000Top-10
1990-91Patrick EwingNew York$4,250,000Top-10
1989-90Patrick EwingNew York$3,250,000
1988-89Patrick EwingNew York$2,750,000Top-10
1987-88Patrick EwingNew York$2,750,000Top-10
1986-87 Magic JohnsonLA Lakers $2,500,000 *
1985-86Magic JohnsonLA Lakers$2,500,000Top-10
1984-85Magic JohnsonLA Lakers$2,500,000Top-10

Sources: ESPN, Spotrac, Basketball-Reference and Patricia Bender’s archive. NBA does not make their player salaries public. Magic Johnson’s salary from 1986-87 season is estimated due to lack of accurate salary data on that season.


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